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Sins of Angels Complete Collection, Books 1-5

Sins of Angels Complete Collection, Books 1-5

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After millennia of oppressive dogma, one rebellious woman seeks to change it all and spark a galactic enlightenment.

Professor Rachel Jordan spearheads a one-woman crusade against the forces that have held humanity in thrall for centuries. With the help of a fleet officer, a genetically enhanced assassin, and a shadowy corporate sponsor, she's out to spread the truth to the universe.

The very beings who saved us from destruction, enslaved humanity.

Echoes of Angels:
Rachel seeks an ancient, heretical text on a desolate former prison planet. Zealots, profiteers, and puppet governments will stop at nothing to either secure the book for themselves or ensure its destruction.

...or Rachel's

Shadows of Angels:
Finding the book should have given Rachel the answers she needed. Instead, she discovers she can't even read it. It's a race to decipher the ancient text before one of the many factions seeking it catches up to Rachel and her bodyguard.

Voices of Angels:
At the helm of an ancient ship, Rachel finds herself caught between worlds. If she turns it over to the proper authorities, her quest will end. Chasing her ultimate truth will put her in the crosshairs of every military ship in the universe. But that ship is the key to finding the lost birthplace of mankind.

Wrath of Angels:
Released once more upon the universe, the awakened angels reassert their dominance. But the humans of Rachel's era aren't as docile as their ancestors. They don't take well to being bullied by long-lost benefactors. It's time to find out whether humanity had grown up to become the rulers of the universe.

Fall of Angels:
The apocalypse is fast approaching. Humanity is on the verge of a last stand. Can they snatch victory with the help of an unlikely ally ... the ancient "evil" that threatened us with extinction so long ago?

Sins of Angels is an epic space saga spanning galaxies and concerning the fate of an entire space-faring species. Fans of Indiana Jones and Dune will enjoy this rollicking, thought-provoking romp through interstellar archaeology and galactic warfare. The truth is out there, and it's worse than you can possibly imagine.
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