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Black Ocean: Convocation medallion

Black Ocean: Convocation medallion

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Before you can be a renegade wizard, you need to actually join the Convocation. But hey, debate team was always your favorite pastime anyway, right?

Show the universe that no measly bit of science can match your sheer force of will with your own, official Convocation medallion.

If you're looking for a weighty metal option as a collector's piece, opt for the traditional Convocation silver. Or select yours in gold, if you prefer. (Note: Made from colored steel to keep costs somewhat reasonable.)

If you're on a budget, choose your favorite size medallion in durable, 3D-printed plastic and paint it yourself with metallic-colored enamel paint suitable for painting gaming miniatures.

PICTURED: 3-inch silver-colored steel, all 3 sizes of plastic for painting

.: Available in 3", 2 1/4", 1 1/2"
.: Pendant only, chain not included
.: 3-4 weeks average printing time
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