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Black Ocean: Astral Prime Mission Pack 1, Missions 1-4

Black Ocean: Astral Prime Mission Pack 1, Missions 1-4

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They found a planet where none belonged. They should have left it alone.

It is a planet like nothing the galaxy has seen. Found deep in the astral. Inhabited by creatures out of myth and legend. Formerly inhabited by a race far more advanced than anyone could have imagined.

And now it's been discovered a bunch of reckless opportunists and enthusiastic amateurs. No one is prepared for what comes next.

Mission 1: Shadow Planet
Her family's company went bankrupt. With nothing but a failing mining station as severance pay, Director Fujita Hiroko moves to the edge of the galaxy to keep the station afloat. When the nearby planet vanishes with her and her survey team still on the surface, hopes of mining are quickly replaced by a more pressing goal: finding a way back to her station.

Mission 2: Wizard Zero
When a survey team unearths buildings on prospective mining planet, at first, it’s hailed as an archeological jackpot. But the ancient structures are more advanced than anyone’s seen. And the hedge against technology is a wizard.

Mission 3: Shielded Sun
With rival factions in orbit around Shadow Planet, the obvious threat was one another. When the defenses of an ancient alien outpost activate, trapping everyone in the star system, it becomes clear that there was more to worry about beneath the planet’s surface than in orbit around it.

Mission 4: Prime Guardian
The ancient solution to get magic and tech to coexist lies within an alien structure older than any race in the galaxy. Now, the balance of power threatens to tip. As factions reinforce their fleets for a war to claim the ultimate technological prize, Hiroko finds herself trapped between three races—one of them her own—in a quest where even victory promises disaster.

Bonus Short Story: Tour of Darkness
The galaxy's oldest historical site has become a tourist attraction. It also holds untold secrets that could shift the course of civilization. How far will one lone wizard go to protect the ancient technology that lies within?

Black Ocean: Astral Prime hearkens back to location-based space sci-fi classics like Babylon 5 and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Astral Prime builds on the rich Black Ocean universe, introducing a colorful cast of characters for new and returning readers alike. Come along for the ride as a minor outpost in the middle of nowhere becomes a key point of interstellar conflict.

Grab your copy today and discover the universe's greatest mystery.

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