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Black Ocean: Astral Prime Mission Pack 2, Missions 5-8

Black Ocean: Astral Prime Mission Pack 2, Missions 5-8

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They'd discovered an ancient galactic wonder. Then they discovered its owners.

By becoming the gateway to the mysterious and incalculably valuable Shadow Planet, Astral Prime had become prime galactic real estate. Poised at a nexus of religious pilgrimage, scientific curiosity, and military obsession, the site could be the key to the future of the Milky Way.

Mission 5: Systemic Treachery
The syndicate had given her an ultimatum: disappear. Watched and wary, Fujita Hiroko obeyed for years, burying herself in work. Now one of the galaxy's most recognized faces, owner of the universe's must-see tourist trap, she can't hide any longer. And that's going to cost her.

Mission 6: Astral Messiah
With Astral Prime in chaos, Kendra hatches a desperate attempt to use forbidden alien technology to bring a friend back from the dead. As the struggle for control of the station unfolds, her efforts go horribly awry and plunge everyone into a strange and unfamiliar universe.

Mission 7: Parallel Enforcers
They toyed with forces they didn't understand. Now, the inhabitants of Astral Prime are going to pay the price. Their foray into an alternate universe has not gone unnoticed. Nor will it go uninvestigated.

Mission 8: Multiversal Truth
In the aftermath of the station's invasion, Hiroko tries to rally the survivors around a new religion: hers. Combining her knowledge of anthropology with her alien enlightenment, she hopes to bring the galaxy together in spiritual awakening. Meanwhile, Cedric delves into the origins of the stations attackers, seeking a deeper understanding of why they came in the first place.

Bonus Short Story: What Kane Did
Ever wonder how our favorite crotchety, backstabbing chief engineer got the way he is? The secret lives of Roland Kane unravel in this retrospective short story.

Black Ocean: Astral Prime hearkens back to location-based space sci-fi classics like Babylon 5 and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Astral Prime builds on the rich Black Ocean universe, introducing a colorful cast of characters for new and returning readers alike. Come along for the ride as a minor outpost in the middle of nowhere becomes a key point of interstellar conflict.

Grab your copy today and discover the universe's greatest mystery.

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