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Stellar Rampage, Black Ocean: Astral Prime Mission 10

Stellar Rampage, Black Ocean: Astral Prime Mission 10

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The enemy of my enemy... is probably hoping we weaken each other until they can finish us off.

The galaxy is in a state of panic. A horror has been unleashed, and it's a threat to every inhabited planet. Luckily, it currently rampages across a sparsely populated part of the Black Ocean. But even that callous view only holds limited hope for the fortunate species whose worlds lay safer by virtue of distance. Sooner or later, someone is going to have to destroy it.

Hiroko plays the role of diplomat. In the face of a threat to all species, she hopes to forge a multi-species alliance to combat the monster.

Meanwhile, Cedric delves into the ancient archives in the hopes that the vaieen left records of the weapons they used to fight this beast.

Stellar Rampage is the tenth book in the Black Ocean: Astral Prime series. It hearkens back to location-based space sci-fi classics like Babylon 5 and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Astral Prime builds on the rich Black Ocean universe, introducing a colorful cast of characters for new and returning readers alike. Come along for the ride as a minor outpost in the middle of nowhere becomes a key point of interstellar conflict.
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