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Salvage Trouble, Black Ocean: Galaxy Outlaws Mission 1

Salvage Trouble, Black Ocean: Galaxy Outlaws Mission 1

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The escape pods are long gone.

A distress beacon is still active.

Chase off the pirates and the wreck is all theirs. What was a crime sce ne moments before just became legitimate salvage, fair game for an opportunistic starship captain.

Carl Ramsey is that opportunist.

His crew of misfits includes his ex-wife as pilot, a drunken mechanic, a predatory bodyguard, and an outcast wizard from the Convocation. On their best days, they’re a well-oiled machine, capable of taking on any challenge.

In theory.

If that ever happened, Carl would be as shocked as anyone.

In the meantime, they're a crew in need of terras, and the galaxy doesn't give those out for free. Jobs come and go, but the cost of fuel is always chasing a ship like its own ion trail. A good captain just keeps his crew from killing one another, getting dusted by pirates, and earning however they can. Nobody pays for easy work, and every job comes with its own surprises—never the good kind.

Welcome to life out in the Black Ocean.

...where you can’t always get what you want. But if you try, sometimes...

You’ll get what you need.

Salvage Trouble is the first mission of Black Ocean, a science fantasy series set in the 26th century. Do you wish there had been a second season of Firefly? Do you love the irreverent fun of Guardians of the Galaxy? Have you ever wondered how Star Wars would have turned out if Luke and Obi-wan had ditched the rebellion to become smugglers with Han and Chewie? Then Black Ocean is the series for you!

Pick up your copy of Salvage Trouble, and aim to misbehave with the crew of the Mobius.
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