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Stowaway to Heaven, Black Ocean: Galaxy Outlaws Mission 12

Stowaway to Heaven, Black Ocean: Galaxy Outlaws Mission 12

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If you can't beat 'em, hijack 'em.

Push a man hard enough and long enough and he's going to push back. Carl Ramsey finally has a plan to deal with transgalactic megacorp Harmony Bay. With the aid of a new ace up his sleeve, the Mobius crew finally have a heist that can put an end to the company's harassment. They're going to steal the ship responsible for Harmony Bay's black ops.

Of course, this is no pleasure cruiser they're planning to steal. Armed like a naval ship and with a complement of wizards all its own, the Harmony Bay ship Bradbury is no easy mark. This time, Carl might have picked a foe that's too much for his crew to handle.

Stowaway to Heaven is the 12th mission of Black Ocean, a science fantasy series set in the 26th century. Do you wish there had been a second season of Firefly? Do you love the irreverent fun of Guardians of the Galaxy? Have you ever wondered how Star Wars would have turned out if Luke and Obi-wan had ditched the rebellion to become smugglers with Han and Chewie? Then Black Ocean is the series for you!

Pick up your copy of Stowaway to Heaven, and aim to misbehave with the crew of the Mobius.
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