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Hotel Caledonia, Black Ocean: Mercy for Hire Mission 7

Hotel Caledonia, Black Ocean: Mercy for Hire Mission 7

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A murder mystery you can sink your ship into.

Esper has a rendezvous with a mysterious contact aboard an undersea luxury cruise ship, an exclusive submarine hotel for a cozy five-day getaway. She's going to get all the intel she needs to cut off the head of the Cult of Ra—at least that's the plan.

When she first meets her contact, it's at the scene of his murder.

Then someone sinks the cruise ship, trapping Esper and the other passengers with the killer.

Now, Esper has to discover the killer's identity, recover any stolen intel the victim might have had on him, and keep the other passengers alive. Because it's a luxury liner, help from the mainland is on the way. Rich people don't stay in trouble long, so Esper has to act fast, otherwise, her best chance to put an end to the Cult of Ra just might sink along with the ship.

Hotel Caledonia is the seventh mission of Black Ocean: Mercy for Hire. It follows the exploits of a pair of do-gooder bounty hunters who care more about saving the day than getting a payday. Mercy for Hire builds on the rich Black Ocean universe and introduces a colorful cast for new and returning readers alike. Fans of vigilante justice and heroes who exemplify the word will love this series.

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