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Rebel Skyforce, Twinborn Chronicles, Book 5

Rebel Skyforce, Twinborn Chronicles, Book 5

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The rebel underground takes to the skies.

After escaping Eversall Deep in what has become known as the Great Slave Revolt, Rynn and her fellow rebels are on the run. In their stolen airships, they must evade airships from nations across Korr as they seek to found a headquarters for the Human Rebellion.

Meanwhile, on Tinker’s Island, Cadmus works to build a new world-ripper from the plans he stole. Can he finish building it before his former owner constructs one of his own? Madlin could be a great aid to him, but she is having enough trouble just getting home, with two troublesome Veydran twinborn in tow.

The result is a tinker’s chess match, played between opponents sitting across worlds from one another. May the best inventor win!

Rebel Skyforce is the fifth book in the Twinborn Chronicles, second of the War of 3 Worlds story, an epic fantasy series with multiple point of view characters. If you love steampunk gadgetry, epic sky battles, and a DIY heroine, Rebel Skyforce is for you!

Pick up your copy of Rebel Skyforce, and fly the rebel skies.
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