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Knight in the Nighttime, Twinborn Chronicles, Book 1

Knight in the Nighttime, Twinborn Chronicles, Book 1

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Kyrus dreams of being a knight. Fate has so much more planned for him.

As an apprentice scribe, Kyrus has always dreamed of becoming a master and opening his own shop.

Developing magical powers and becoming a wizard? Not so much.

After all, wizards are the stuff of his dreams. Dreams where Kyrus is Brannis Solaran, a powerful knight who wields an ancient sword crafted from the essence of magic and  who's responsible for defending a city from an army of goblins led by their fierce dragon goddess.

Kyrus’s dream world is a world of magic, mystery, and wonder. A place of goblins and their dragon gods. Of evil necromancers, immortal sorcerers, and deadly intrigue.

But when Kyrus attempts a spell learned in the dream world, he is shocked to find out that not only is magic real, but so is the other world!

When Brannis is threatened by powerful and ancient foes, Kyrus must do all he can to help save his otherworldly twin. But that’s easier said than done when in the real world Kyrus is branded a witch and sentenced to death. Salvation comes from an unexpected source—from the most notorious and bloodthirsty pirate to sail the Katamic Sea.

Life aboard a pirate ship is not all it’s cracked up to be, but at least Kyrus is free from danger. Until he learns he’s not the only one with ties to the dream world and Kyrus’s dual lives come crashing together with deadly consequences.

The Twinborn Chronicles is a 7-book series for fantasy fans sick of getting stuck waiting for "the next book." No multi-year waits, just meaty epic fantasy on demand.

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