Knight in the Nighttime, Twinborn Chronicles, Book 1

Knight in the Nighttime, Twinborn Chronicles, Book 1

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Life was looking up for Kyrus.

Then his dreams came real.

Magic became real.

Spells half-remembered from a slumbering world seeped into his mind. And they worked.

Now, he's caught between the waking and dream worlds. Forces in both want him dead. Kyrus must unlock the secret of his dual existence or he'll deserve the death that's coming for him.

And it won’t be easy.

Mastermind villains hatch plots within plots. Everyone has a head start on him, knows tricks he'll have to discover for himself, has allies on both sides. There’s really no other choice but to...

...match wits with the masterminds.

...find allies against the conspiracies.

...throw caution to the wind, dig deep into the aether, and trade fire with his foes.

The Twinborn Chronicles is a 7-book series for fantasy fans sick of getting stuck waiting for "the next book." No multi-year waits, just meaty epic fantasy on demand.

You can binge this.

Binge it now.