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Astral Prime Complete Collection, Missions 1-12

Astral Prime Complete Collection, Missions 1-12

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A station at the edge of the galaxy is about to become the center of the universe.

Cedric The Brown is a wizard with a dark past. In an effort to make amends, he hides in plain sight among the residents of a space station he once nearly destroyed. Cut adrift by a bankrupt megacorp, the mobile mining station sets off to uncharted space in a desperate attempt to scrape by.

What the stumbled onto would change the course of the galaxy.

A planet.

A lost alien race.

A secret that will lead to all-out war.

How will a station filled with scoundrels and crewed by former miners handle being the fulcrum of history?

Astral Prime is a collection of all 12 Black Ocean: Astral Prime missions chronicling the adventures of a mining station on the edge of known space, along with five short stories. This series follows in the traditions of Deep Space Nine and Babylon 5 with high-stakes space station intrigue and epic discoveries.
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