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Black Ocean: Mobius poster

Black Ocean: Mobius poster

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Life aboard the starship Mobius might be full of mortal peril, close scrapes with the law, hijinx with techs who never quite stay (poor, poor Joshua),  and magical mishaps.

But space is so darn BIG, which means there's also a lot of down time. Time to watch holos, snack on expired bacon cubes, practice sparring, catch a nap while on lookout duty, or tinker with the engines to get ready for the next big chase.

See how your favorite crew spends their downtime with a poster depicting Nigel Sussman's delightful artistic interpretation of a typical day aboard Mobius.

A premium satin poster, each is printed on 300gsm, resin-coated paper - a favorite due to its heftiness and robust nature that surpasses in durability. Available in multiple sizes, for indoor use only.

.: Professional-level 300gsm satin paper
.: Available in 12" x 18" or 24" x 36"
.: Low-glare finish
.: For indoor use only

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