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Engineered Tyrant, Project Transhuman, Book 5

Engineered Tyrant, Project Transhuman, Book 5

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Those who learn history can doom others to repeat it.

A new generation of humans has entered adulthood. Raised by robots, these freshly minted citizens of Earth struggle to fit into a society that has gotten by without them for a thousand years.

Until Alex Truman shows them a new path.

Raised by Charlie7 and cloned from the original Charles Truman, Alex feels that it's his right to rule mankind. With the entirety of human history as his guide, he learns from the successes and failures of the Human Era and puts them to use against a society that's completely unprepared to oppose him.

Who can stand up to this budding tyranny? Abby Fourteen asks that very same question and comes up with just one answer: her.
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