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Eve 14, Project Transhuman Complete Collection, Books 1-6

Eve 14, Project Transhuman Complete Collection, Books 1-6

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Earth...Population: 1

Her name is Eve14.

She is the result of a 1000-year project by the robots of Earth to restore the planet after all life was wiped out in 2065.

27 robotic minds, copied from Earth's great scientists, carried on after the species died. They mixed and matched those minds in endless combinations, producing a whole race of machines with human personalities. Immortal, but with memories of sensations they can no longer experience, some renegade robots now have a daring agenda.

They want human bodies.

As the only viable human host on Earth, Eve14 is on everyone's most wanted list.

Robot Geneticists is a series set on Earth in a distant future. Fans of Asimov and the sci-fi titans of the Golden Age of sci-fi will love the classic elements reimagined in modern style.

Robots are robots. Scientists think on a grandiose scale. Anything is possible with science, willpower, and hard work.

Grab your copy for a true post-apocalyptic tale.

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