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Eye of the Pharaoh, Black Ocean: Mercy for Hire Mission 8

Eye of the Pharaoh, Black Ocean: Mercy for Hire Mission 8

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"We’re going to find someone with a nice ship. Someone who doesn’t deserve one. And we’re going to steal it."

Esper made that promise. Now it's time to make good. The Cult of Ra has a flagship, and thanks to a turncoat in their ranks, Esper and her friends know where it's going to be. Better yet, they know that Pharaoh Ramesses XIII will be aboard. It's time to cut the head off the cult.

One problem...

The cult knows they're coming.

Two problems, actually...

The Poet Fleet knows where they are, too, and have sent a team to make Esper pay for humiliating their admiral.

What comes next is a battle of trap and counter-trap, deception and betrayal. Who is worthy of trust? Redemption? And will our heroes be able to win the day without crossing the gooey red line into villainy themselves?

It's a thrilling showdown between the forces of evil and the forces of fed up with evil.

Eye of the Pharaoh is the eighth mission of Black Ocean: Mercy for Hire. It follows the exploits of a pair of do-gooder bounty hunters who care more about saving the day than getting a payday. Mercy for Hire builds on the rich Black Ocean universe and introduces a colorful cast for new and returning readers alike. Fans of vigilante justice and heroes who exemplify the word will love this series. 

Your copy awaits if you have the will to seize it!
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