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Black Ocean: Galaxy Outlaws Mission Pack 4, Missions 13-16

Black Ocean: Galaxy Outlaws Mission Pack 4, Missions 13-16

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It's impossible to outrun your past, no matter how deep you drop in the astral.

With the weight of his conscience growing by the mission and a fiancee who makes him want to be a better man, Carl Ramsey decides to try his hand at being one of the good guys. But there's a long line of enemies who won't forget so easily.

Mission 13: Mission Inadvisable
The Mobius crew gets a job offer so vile they not only turn it down, they set out to stop the secretive crime lord doing the hiring. Along the way, they manage to accidentally double-cross an old friend. Sometimes, no matter what you try, you're destined to be on the wrong side of the law.

Mission 14: Moral and Orbital Decay
Mort's son is on the run from the Convocation. He's fled to a remote mining station and looking for a quick ride from his father's old crew. But when magic gets out of hand, suddenly everyone's more concerned about stopping the space station from crashing into a planet than finding a fugitive.

Mission 15: Planet Hustlers
Pirates capture the stunnji homeworld, and Rai Kub's people turn to Carl Ramsey to find a way to convince them to leave. Carl's plan? A lot of fast talking, subterfuge, and the crookedest game of poker ever played. The stakes: the fate of a refugee planet.

Mission 16: Eternity or Bust
When your bride-to-be makes a simple request, a smart man makes it happen. When your outlaw fiancee wants her wedding on Earth, where most of the galaxy's top law enforcement agencies are headquartered, it's going to take bribery, back room deals, and ratting out some old associates. But Carl won't be able to live with himself unless he gets his friends out of the jam he puts them in.

Bonus Short Story: For Old Time's Sake
With retirement in full force, the crew of the Mobius take on a decidedly low-key villain: the interlopers who're looking to ruin their gig hustling simulator combat for free meals.

Black Ocean: Galaxy Outlaws is a science fantasy series set in the 26th century. Do you wish there had been a second season of Firefly? Do you love the irreverent fun of Guardians of the Galaxy? Have you ever wondered how Star Wars would have turned out if Luke and Obi-wan had ditched the rebellion to become smugglers with Han and Chewie? Then Black Ocean is the series for you!

Pick up your copy and aim to misbehave with the crew of the Mobius!

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