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Mercy for Hire Complete Collection Missions 1-16

Mercy for Hire Complete Collection Missions 1-16

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The galaxy’s worst bounty hunter just might be its most relentless hero.

Esper Richelieu is a wizard with a mission: to make the galaxy a better place one lost soul at a time.

Donning the trappings of an interstellar bounty hunter, she delves into the galaxy's underworld to search out those most in need of help. Whether it's a teenage runaway or an actor kidnapped by cultists, the victim comes first.

Money is an afterthought. That confuses a lot of clients.

But sometimes the best way to get someone to accept the help they need is to convince them to pay for it. Other times, clients unwittingly fund their own reparations by hiring the last person who'd want to aid them in continuing their wicked ends.

But are pure intentions enough against the vilest forces in the galaxy?

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