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Black Ocean: Mirth & Mayhem Mission Pack 3, Missions 9-12

Black Ocean: Mirth & Mayhem Mission Pack 3, Missions 9-12

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Suckers earn money. Truly epic idiots trick wizards into making it for them.

Chuck Ramsey had come up with the best money-making plot of his entire career. His best friend is an unemployed wizard with a resume that would make a contract killer blush. What simpler way to generate income than to hire him out for high-paying jobs? And since there's a good chance he'd balk at being reduced to a simple paid killer, best not to let on how it all works.

What could possibly go wrong?

[Editor's note: Chuck, are you even listening to yourself anymore? This is a horrible idea! You're playing games with a man who used to barbecue dark wizards for a living! One of these books, I'm staging an intervention...]

Mission 9 - Live and Let Kill

Down on his luck and struggling to find work, Chuck Ramsey comes up with a crazy scheme: hire himself. Of course, the trick is to hire himself near where a contract killing needs to take place. Then, he has to trick his best friend, former librarian Mordecai The Brown, to track this guy down thinking the Convocation needs him dead. After that, it's just a matter of collecting a huge windfall.

Mission 10 - 50 Ways to Leave a Planet

When a scheme unravels, Chuck Ramsey panics. He sends word for his kids to scramble, hide, stay away until the coast is clear. Brad gets this message while watching his sister Michelle, and the two of them take off on an epic adventure to evade the law, criminal syndicates, the Convocation, and their own father--just in case.

Mission 11 - Blowin' in the Wind

On the run. New identities. Brad takes up an alias to hold down a job as his sister's legal guardian. Meanwhile, Chuck and Mort scour the galaxy for clues as to where the all-too-resourceful teen has hidden out. The only way Chuck will locate his son is to do some parenting and understand what makes Brad tick.

Mission 12 - We Drink Alone

When Mort gets an order to kill a popular trillionaire beer baron, he declines to take the job. For Chuck, a fan of the Milky Way's favorite beer, Earth's Preferred, not taking the job isn't enough. He convinces Mort that they need to go a step further and stop whoever is hired to replace Mort and protect the beer man from assassination.

Black Ocean: Mirth & Mayhem follows a mismatched duo of itinerant comedian and outlaw wizard as they roam the galaxy trying to eke out a living and stay ahead of the consequences of their actions. Black Ocean: Mirth & Mayhem looks back at an earlier era in the Black Ocean universe, and returning readers will get to see how some of their favorite characters came to be. Fans of morally gray heroes and slick talking conmen will love this series.

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