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Mission Pack 1, Black Ocean: Mirth & Mayhem Missions 1-4

Mission Pack 1, Black Ocean: Mirth & Mayhem Missions 1-4

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The galaxy isn't ready for Mort and Chuck.

A traveling con man poses as a vintage comedian, touring the galaxy with his wife and kids in tow. When he picks up a hitchhiking wizard desperate to flee Earth, they become a hilarious mixed family. Crime, comedy, and magical mayhem are in store.

Mission 1: Know When to Run
A prominent wizard makes a deadly mistake and runs out his welcome on Earth. A shady comedian with a family and his own starship decides that a wizard hitchhiker is a risk worth taking. Despite bounty hunters, crime syndicates, and magical law enforcement on their trail, he just may be right.

Mission 2: Low Flyer
Sometimes lying low means flying low. Chuck and Mort head to a dusty colony in border space, hoping to let their pursuers lose their trail. But old debts and the hijinks of Chuck's son Brad make sure this is anything but rest and relaxation.

Mission 3: The Good Die Young
Chuck books a gig on a missionary ship operating outside ARGO space. Surely they have to be beyond the reach of the Convocation here, right?

As it turns out, wizards aren't the only threat in the galaxy, and beyond ARGO's smothering law and order, pirates operate with impunity.

...and missionary ships are unarmed.

Mission 4: Lyin' Guys
The missionary ship incident caught the attention of the Convocation all the way back on Earth. Now, suspecting they have Mort cornered, a hand-picked team of wizard-killers is sent to collect his skull.

Brute force won't save them. There's nowhere to run. There's only one way out: lying like their lives depend on it.

Bonus Short Story: Unfamiliar Customs
Chuck Ramsey has never been able to say no to easy money. What could be easier than transporting a family of ratatoret to their new home?

Black Ocean: Mirth & Mayhem follows a mismatched duo of itinerant comedian and outlaw wizard as they roam the galaxy trying to eke out a living and stay ahead of the consequences of their actions. Black Ocean: Mirth & Mayhem looks back at an earlier era in the Black Ocean universe, and returning readers will get to see how some of their favorite characters came to be. Fans of morally gray heroes and slick talking conmen will love this series.

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