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Multiversal Truth, Black Ocean: Astral Prime Mission 8

Multiversal Truth, Black Ocean: Astral Prime Mission 8

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The search for Truth meets the fight for dominance.

In the aftermath of the station's invasion, Hiroko tries to rally the survivors around a new religion: hers. Combining her knowledge of anthropology with her alien enlightenment, she hopes to bring the galaxy together in spiritual awakening. Meanwhile, Cedric delves into the origins of the stations attackers, seeking a deeper understanding of why they came in the first place.

And while both of them are occupied down on the planet's surface, Roland Kane is poised to seize control of Astral Prime—to a chorus of cheers from the inhabitants.

Multiversal Truth is the eighth book in the Black Ocean: Astral Prime series. It hearkens back to location-based space sci-fi classics like Babylon 5 and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Astral Prime builds on the rich Black Ocean universe, introducing a colorful cast of characters for new and returning readers alike. Come along for the ride as a minor outpost in the middle of nowhere becomes a key point of interstellar conflict.
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