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Rebel Robots, Project Transhuman, Book 4

Rebel Robots, Project Transhuman, Book 4

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"Never in a thousand years" just expired.

Charlie7 has his secrets. Every robot knows that history has a dark period where he was the only one alive, with no one to corroborate his story. That was before an old adversary, long believed dead, emerges from hiding to expose Charlie7 as a fraud.

With a newfound internship mixing new robotic personalities, Rachel Eighteen stumbles across an old file in the archive that no robot can access. The data it contains could upset the underpinnings of the thousand-year-old robotic civilization. When rebel forces seize control of the factory and take Rachel prisoner, can she hold out long enough for help to arrive? Does she even want to? What value does the truth have when the lie is all you've ever known?

Charlie7, for one, hopes never to find out.
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