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Sixteen Tomes, Black Ocean: Mirth & Mayhem Mission 8

Sixteen Tomes, Black Ocean: Mirth & Mayhem Mission 8

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That's the thing about unfinished business; it doesn't go away if you ignore it.

Chuck and Mort team up to finish a job Mort had to leave undone. A dark wizard is on the loose with a head start and the entire galaxy in which to hide. Their only lead? A mystical connection that Mort doesn't want to talk about. To make matters worse, their target has an accomplice, and it's someone Mort isn't inclined to get rough with.

On the homefront, Brad is grounded both literally and figuratively. Stranded on a retrovert planet with nothing to do, he's forced to make his own fun. And what better way to liven up a dull planet than to run a scam on the people responsible: his family.

Sixteen Tomes is the eighth mission of Black Ocean: Mirth & Mayhem. It follows a mismatched duo of itinerant comedian and outlaw wizard as they roam the galaxy trying to eke out a living and stay ahead of the consequences of their actions. Black Ocean: Mirth & Mayhem looks back at an earlier era in the Black Ocean universe, and returning readers will get to see how some of their favorite characters came to be. Fans of morally gray heroes and slick talking conmen will love this series.

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