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Terran Incognito, Passage of Time Mission 2

Terran Incognito, Passage of Time Mission 2

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Sometimes you want to go where NOBODY knows your name.

Space station Echo Niner remained neutral in the Earth/Mars civil war. For a pair of fugitives on the run from both sides, it sounded like the perfect place to regroup.

But Eric and Jessie Ramsey barely set foot aboard Echo Niner before getting embroiled in local disputes. Rival warlords divide the station into four zones, each under its own version of martial law. Separated by the teeming masses who call the station home, the siblings need to navigate the treacherous social landscape, discover allies, and reunite.

It doesn’t help that their cover gets blown.

Or that Earth Navy blockaded the station.

Or that Eric appears to be the backup plan.

The galaxy has it in for the Ramseys, and even neutral territory offers no solace. With factions clawing and scratching just for the privilege of turning them over for a reward, there’s only one way Eric and Jessie are going to get out of this alive: together.

Terran Incognito is the second mission of Black Ocean: Passage of Time, a science fantasy series set in the late 26th century. What if Futurama jumped 5 years ahead instead of 1000? What if Doc and Marty lost the car keys? What if Bonnie and Clyde were siblings instead of lovers? Passage of Time jolts the Black Ocean universe forward into new adventures and new perils with a new cast of zany misfits trying to outsmart the galaxy just to get by.

Strap in and hold on tight. Passage of Time is the latest series in the Black Ocean universe, and it’s going to be an action-packed, mystery-filled, madcap ride across the galaxy!

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