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Tinker's Justice, Twinborn Chronicles, Book 7

Tinker's Justice, Twinborn Chronicles, Book 7

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Justice can’t be built in a workshop. That won’t stop a tinker from trying.

The members of the Human Rebellion face a war spread across three worlds. Their enemies are multiplying. Their allies are becoming increasingly tenuous. With the war spiraling out of control, can Rynn find the answers to their plight in the pages of an ancient book? Or will Madlin take matters into her own hands and build something even she fears to turn on?

Tinker’s Justice is the seventh book in the Twinborn Chronicles, final of the War of 3 Worlds story, an epic fantasy series with multiple point of view characters. If you love steampunk gadgetry, wars fought across worlds, and a DIY heroine, Tinker’s Justice is for you!

Pick up your copy of Tinker’s Justice, and see how it all ends.
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