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Twinborn Chronicles Complete Collection

Twinborn Chronicles Complete Collection

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The Twinborn Chronicles Complete Collection includes all 7 novels and 10 shorts (prequels, "loose ending" short stories, and deleted scenes).

Twinborn Chronicles: Awakening Collection is a three-book series chronicling the adventures of heroes who alter two worlds. For fans of epic fantasy who aren't looking to start another unfinished series, the Twinborn Chronicles provides multiple new worlds to explore and all the closure you've long been denied.

The Twinborn Chronicles: War of 3 Worlds is a 4-book epic fantasy series following the events of Awakening, with a cast of all new characters plus some crossover. If you love steampunk gadgetry, heroes who get their hands dirty, and a DIY heroine, this series is for you!

Dive deeper into the worlds of the Twinborn Chronicles with ten more short stories as J.S. Morin peels back the larger twinborn story to reveal the smaller tales concealed beneath.

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